Continuing the Reformation

You are receiving this letter as an anointed minister of Jesus Christ in His Body where He gave you authority and a platform to bring about change in the lives of His people. 

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever thought there would come a day when God would tell me to write down the facts that changed my total ministry and life as a minister in the Dutch Reformed Church and "nail it to the door of the Reformed Churches", as a Martin Luther did on the 31st of October 1517!

I experienced God telling me to send this document, in Afrikaans and in English, to every minister in the different Reformed Churches in South Africa, Africa, and also to those ministering in other parts of the world .

That is why you are also receiving this email with its attachment.

My responsibility was to send you this email with the attached document.

Your responsibility, I believe, is to test the contents of the attached document at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ and do further as He will tell you.

This document is also available in Afrikaans and came from the press today.

I want to plead with you to read this document and decide for yourself if you think it is the truth.

As you read this document you will discover:

1. I discovered a split in the main leadership of the Reformation movement during its initial period. Some members were not willing to go the whole distance and minister the total truth of God’s Word to His people, although all agreed on what the total truth was.

2. For that reason we within the different Reformed Churches are caught up in residue from Roman Catholicism. The Reformers taught us "sola Scriptura" but still hold on to doctrine they were taught as members of the Roman Catholic Church.

3. The facts I've discovered changed my way of thinking about being Church, baptism, the New Covenant and the work and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

My responsibility was to nail these facts also to your door.

Here ends my responsibility and does your responsibility begin.

My prayer is that God, through the working of His Word and Spirit, will use this as a way of, at least, to get a conversation going about Continuing the Reformation in the midst of the different Reformed Churches.

May we be courageous enough to continue the reformation! To His glory and Kingdom to come.

Your brother in Jesus Christ

Dr Christo Nel

In the service of Jesus Christ in His Ecclesia.

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